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A pioneering era: from adventure to routine operations

Fly in open aircraft, in the dead of winter? Could such a thing really be possible? It just had to work. And the time was now: the beginning of the 1920s, right after the war. Politicians and journalists were the first to crouch on uncomfortable planks, “air-cooled” and surrounded by mail bags and parcels. They were real pioneers. But it wouldn‘t be long until they‘d be sitting in full-fledged passenger aircraft, equipped with heated cabins.

By now a number of a small aviation companies had sprung up in Germany. Their aircraft made wobbly trips, back and forth, from one city to another – preferably along rail lines and during the day. Pilots didn‘t have radio contact with the ground yet. Only two airlines survived the all-out competitive battle: Deutscher Aero Llyod and Junkers Luftverkehr. For the subsidies-paying German state, however, this was still one too many. After the two joined forces to found “Deutsche Luft Hansa AG” on January 6, 1926, the flight path started to point upward.

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