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Lufthansa crew in traditional dress in 2012

Lufthansa is limbering up for what the Bavarians fondly call the “fifth” season of the year with its now-legendary Munich crew who wear traditional Bavarian dress. This year’s outfit features a dirndl created by Angermaier Trachten, a Munich-based company specializing in traditional costume. The dirndl for the female flight attendants has been designed in the Lufthansa colors – royal blue, yellow and white. For the first time, male flight attendants will wear lederhosen combined with a janker – the traditional Bavarian jacket – and a vest. The twelve women and two men who make up the Munich-based cabin crew will take off for New York in their traditional costume on Friday, September 21st, in time before the Munich Oktoberfest. They will depart for Charlotte on September 28th and Hong Kong on October 3rd.

With its flight attendants in Bavarian costume, Lufthansa is continuing a tradition that is nearly as old as the airline itself. It was 55 years ago that Lufthansa flight attendants first exchanged their uniforms for traditional Bavarian dress. After a hiatus, the custom was picked up again in 2006 – with great success year after year. 

Exclusive Lufthansa dirndl

The dirndl for the cabin crew is produced exclusively for Lufthansa. A number of factors have to be taken into account when choosing an appropriate outfit for the flight attendants. The classic and elegant Lufthansa dirndl is always blue, yellow and white. The fabric has to be durable, easy to clean and comfortable. Safety aspects are an issue as well – for example, the skirts can’t be too long or they will hinder the flight attendants during service.

A new dirndl is designed for Lufthansa every three years by a regional company. In past years the outfits have been designed by Gwandhaus Gössl and Loden-Frey. This year, Angermaier Trachten is the official outfitter for the Lufthansa crew.

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Press release: 13.09.2012
Lufthansa presents Munich-based crew in traditional dress

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