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Contacts - Corporate Responsibility

Please note that is the central contact point for all inquiries concerning customer service
Under the header “Help” you will find full information on how to contact Lufthansa.

Lufthansa Group Communications

Sandra Kraft
Media Relations Lufthansa Group

Spokeswoman Sustainability Communications Lufthansa Group+49 (0)69 696-58266

Dr. Peter Schneckenleitner
Media Relations Lufthansa Group

Head of Political Communication+49 (0)30 8875-3070

Climate and Environmental Responsibility

Dr. Karlheinz Haag
Vice President Environmental Issues+49 (0)69 696-94974

Jan-Ole Jacobs
Environmental Management+49 (0)30 8875-3020

Dr. Gerd Saueressig
Noise Research+49 (0)69 696-90890

Dr. Andreas Waibel
Emissions/Climate+49 (0)69 696-93816

Jürgen Briese
Cosmic Radiation+49 (0)69 696-93964

Joachim Buse
Vice President Aviation Biofuel+49 (0)69 696-82000

Human Resources/Social Issues

Lufthansa Group job and career portal:

If you have a specific query about a current application, please contact us at careerhelpdesk(at)

Stephanie Sedat
Head of Corporate HR Policies & Labour Relations

Volker Schierle
Head of Employee Safety

Corporate Citizenship

Sabine Atrott
Corporate and Internal Communications Lufthansa Group

HelpAlliance e. V.
Rita Diop

First Chairwoman+49 (0) 69 696-47872

Cargo Human Care e. V.
Fokko Doyen

First Chairman

Investor Relations

Andreas Hagenbring
Senior Vice President Investor Relations+49 69 696-28001

Christian Schmidt
Investor Relations Manager+49 69 696-28002

Climate and Environmental Responsibility - Lufthansa Group companies

Lufthansa Cargo AG
Bettina Jansen
+49 (0)69 696 94194

Lufthansa CityLine GmbH
Daniela Hansonis+49 (0)2203 596267

Lufthansa Technik AG
Ralf Wunderlich
+49 (0)40 5070-5016

Lufthansa Systems AG
Andreas Henke+49 (0)69 696-32836

LSG Sky Chefs
Walter Vreden
+49 (0)6102 240399

Austrian Airlines
Monica Schechtner
+43 (0)5 1766-12314

Myriam Ziesack

Spokeswoman+41 848 773-773