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Emissions trading

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  • December 2016

    Climate protection: EU must strengthen role as aviation pioneer

    International aviation is the fi rst and so far only industrial sector with a worldwide CO2 emissions target. To put things in perspective, the widely acclaimed Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 doesn’t yet contain any comparable provisions.
    Article Graphic: CORSIA participation

  • September 2016

    Climate protection: Time for government action at ICAO

    German airlines only consumed an average of 3.63 litres of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometres in 2015. This proves that the industry takes over a leadership role when it comes to climate protection. Now it’s the policymakers’ turn: The member states of the UN aviation organisation ICAO now have until 7 October in Montreal to establish a global climate-protection instrument.
    Article Graphic: CO2 emissions Average consumption

  • December 2015

    Climate protection: EU unilateral solution on emissions trading must end in 2016

    Currently intra-European flights are subject to EU emissions trading, thus placing local network carriers at a clear disadvantage – and indirectly promoting detours via Persian Gulf hubs.
    Article Graphic: Extra costs for European connecting flights

  • September 2015

    EU: Strategically align aviation policy

    The European Commission is currently developing a comprehensive aviation policy package for Europe. The airlines are supporting the effort: In mid-June, the CEOs of the five largest EU airlines presented a joint position paper.

    Article Graphics: Decoupled from air transport growthImportant engine for Europe

  • June 2015

    Climate protection: Lufthansa Group leading the way, policy makers must offer stronger support

    The airlines of the Lufthansa Group set a new record in efficiency in 2014, consuming only 3.84 litres of kerosene per 100 passenger kilometres. Policy makers are trying to support this development through various regulations. Yet numerous measures and missteps are having the opposite effect.

    Article Graphics: Lufthansa Group sets new record in efficiency, Carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels

  • April 2014

    Current study shows: German aviation at a disadvantage in global competition

    A study by Prof. Dr. Bert Ruerup investigates political and business conditions for various airlines from Europe, the U.S., and Asia. The comparison shows that conditions in Germany are living up to international competition less and less as time goes by – a serious burden with far-reaching consequences for German airlines and international hubs in Germany.

    Article Graphic: Ruerup study

  • April 2014

    Emissions trading: Go-it-alone strategy straining EU airlines

    In early April, the European Parliament decided to limit emissions trading for aviation to intra-European flights only until the end of 2016, thus averting an international conflict for the timebeing.


  • January 2014

    Grand Coalition: Aviation policy must be given high priority

    The German federal government wants to strengthen aviation. The promises made must now be followed by actions. Transport-policy decisions taken in the new legislative session will significantly determine whether Germany continues to have a future as a leading aviation hub.

    Article Graphic: Damaging national go-it-alone approachComparison of long-haul-fleets, Comparison of margins

  • June 2013

    Climate protection: IATA showing the way

    A global sector like air transport needs global framework conditions.  The International Air Transport Association demonstrates how climate protection can be advanced worldwide – also in an appeal against regional measures taken unilaterally, such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

    Article Graphic: EU hubs

  • May 2013

    Emissions trading: Distorting competition at the expense of the EU airlines

    The UN ICAO Assembly will meet in late September to discuss, among other things, the important issue of a draft global emissions levy.


  • January 2013

    Emissions trading: Distortion of competition harms Europe’s airlines

    The EU wants to limit the EU Emissions Trading Scheme for aviation to intra-European flights until the end of 2013. That would result in a serious distortion of competition at the expense of the EU airlines. Network carriers like Lufthansa and Air France/KLM would be especially hard hit

    Article Graphics: Connecting passengers, Emissions trading hubs

  • October 2012

  • July 2012

    EU Emissions trading: Opposition persists

    International criticism over the EU Emissions Trading Scheme for aviation is growing ever fiercer. In a recent example, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood called it a “lousy policy,” offering up his assessment of the emissions trading scheme.

    Article: PDF

  • April 2012


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