Lufthanseats founded the association 20 years ago for all dedicated employees of the Lufthansa Group. A lot has happened since then. We look into the past, present and future – and give you 20 really good reasons to support the help alliance.

Reason 1

Because we've already accomplished so much — and will acccomplish even more with you.

Closer to the world. Closer to its people.

The help alliance is the aid organization of the Lufthansa Group and their employees, and forms the central pillar of the Group’s activities in the area of social responsibility. As an internationally active company and member of the German and international community, the Lufthansa Group takes on responsibility beyond its regular business activities in dealing with the challenges currently facing society. Founded in 1999 by a group of 13 Lufthansa employees, this non-profit making private limited company is currently covers around 50 projects worldwide which aim in particular to provide access to education for young people and to enable them to live a self-determined life. As well as our main area of focus, education, we also promote entrepreneurship. Over the past few years, we have given our support to around 140 projects. The content of the projects is in all cases in line with the strict standards of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN’s sustainable goals for 2030.

What distinguishes us from other NGOs?

Lufthansa Group employees take on responsibility: Multilingual employees in the Group take on responsibility in the projects and get involved, bringing with them their knowledge, skills and networks. This personal connection creates an atmosphere of trust and ensures that the funds donated are used precisely in the areas where they are needed. The trust that you place in the Lufthansa Group also applies to the help alliance.
Every cent donated by you goes directly to the projects: Our projects are financed exclusively through donations. The contribution from the Lufthansa Group enables us to cover administrative, public relations and fundraising costs. We can therefore guarantee that every cent or euro you donate will flow directly into our projects.