The help alliance thrives on the commitment of Lufthansa Group employees. However, that does not mean that everyone has to manage their own project in order to support the help alliance. Quite the opposite. We need the many people who believe in our idea and our work – and who support us financially.

The help alliance raised a total of 2,722,654 Euros in donations in 2018. Many thanks to all those who contributed! Are you interested in taking part? Gladly! It's really easy.

Ways to donate

Here is an overview of ways to donate to the help alliance:

You can support the help alliance with regular contributions either by direct debit or with automated wire transfers. Both the amount and the frequency of the donation sent to the help alliance are freely selectable. Permanent donor contributions are very important for the help alliance because they form a good basis for planning and considerably simplify project.

Become a permanent donor!

You were traveling and have money leftover in a foreign currency? You have a little extra money left in your pocket? We would gladly accept it! You can insert coins and notes of any currency in our donation columns at airport lounges in Germany, Europe and North America and public areas at German airports.

The Onboard Collection is our most important donation program. You can help us easily on board of Lufthansa longhaul flights, Austrian Airlines, Edelweiss Air or Condor. On board you will find donation bags, just place the desired amount in it and hand it to a flight attendant at the end of your trip.

A milestone birthday, the birth of a child – there are many reasons to think of other people and share one's happiness. With occasional donations or online collection campaigns, you have the opportunity to do so.

Give away a good deed in the name of your loved ones! Our gift shop offers you the possibility. Whether transport, food or learning materials – your gift will be well received every time!

Start shopping and doing good

Does that seem like there are a lot of ways to donate? You're right! But there are still many more. You can find other options and all the information you need here on the help alliance pages.