Boeing 777-9

You can't wait anymore? Here you will find the latest information about the Lufthansa Boeing 777-9. The first one will join the Lufthansa fleet in summer 2020.


Facts & figures

Boeing 777-9
Length 76.7 m
Wingspan 71.8* m
Height 19.5 m
Max. takeoff weight 351,500 kg
Range 14,000 km 
Seats 400

* folded 64.8 m

The new

Business Class

The Boeing 777-9 offers a much wider cabin than its predecessors. This space will be used in the new Business Class to further enhance passenger comfort. Passengers in the new Business Class will have direct access to the aisle from all seats.


Power on

GE9X Engines

GE Aviation's 777X engines have the largest fan ever produced for a commercial aircraft. They have been specially developed for the 777X.

Folding wing-tip

The wings of a 777-9 clearly surpass those of a conventional 777-300. So that the 777-9 can be parked at the same gates, the last 3.5 meters of the wings are simply folded up.


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