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LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG

Neu-Isenburg, 100%

The world‘s largest airline caterer and provider of inflight services

The LSG Sky Chefs group is the world’s leading provider in airline catering and in all upstream and downstream in-flight service processes. The group consists of 159 companies with more than 210 facilities in 51 countries. Its products and services include airline catering, in-flight equipment and logistics, the management of onboard service, in-flight retail as well as related airport services. The company’s extensive know-how in culinary excellence and logistics has led to its successful entry in adjacent markets, such as train services and retail. 

In response to the ever increasing cost pressure and tough competition in the airline catering industry, LSG Sky Chefs has adjusted its strategic orientation accordingly. It can be summarized under four main themes: to strengthen ongoing improvement initiatives with a focus on standardization and lean processes, to intensify sales of products and services for airlines beyond airline catering, to develop additional partnerships for entering growth markets and complementary product areas, and to realize growth potential in adjacent markets.

In 2014, the companies belonging to LSG Sky Chefs Group achieved consolidated revenues of 2.633 billion EUR. By the end of the year, LSG Sky Chefs employed 32,843 people and producing 578 million airline meals a year.

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Selected Subsidiaries*
  • Aerococina S.A. de C.V.
    Mexico City, Mexiko 51,00%
  • Caterair Servicos de Bordo e Hotelaria S.A.
    Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien 99,85%
  • CLS Catering Services Ltd.
    Richmond, Kanada 70,00%
  • Constance Food Group, Inc.
    New York, USA 100,00%
  • LSG Catering China Ltd.
    Hongkong, China 100,00%
  • LSG Lufthansa Service Catering- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • LSG Lufthansa Service Europa/Afrika GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • LSG Lufthansa Service Hong Kong Ltd.
    Hongkong, China 47,90%
  • LSG Sky Chefs - First Catering Schweiz AG
    Bassersdorf, Schweiz 60,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Argentina S.A.
    Buenos Aires, Argentinien 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Belgium N.V.
    Zaventem, Belgien 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Berlin GmbH
    Berlin 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs de Venezuela C.A.
    Caracas, Venezuela 99,93%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Düsseldorf GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Finland Oy1
    Vantaa, Finnland1 0,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Frankfurt International GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Frankfurt ZD GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Havacilik Hizmetleri A.S.
    Sefaköy-Istanbul, Türkei 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Korea Co Ltd.
    Incheon, Südkorea 80,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Lounge GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs München GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs New Zealand Limited
    Auckland, Neuseeland 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs North America Solutions, Inc.
    Wilmington, USA 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs S.p.A.
    Fiumicino (Roma), Italien 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs South Africa (Proprietary) Ltd.
    Johannesburg, Südafrika 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
    Wilmington, USA 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs Sverige AB
    Stockholm, Schweden 100,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs TAAG Angola S.A.
    Luanda, Angola 40,00%
  • LSG Sky Chefs (Thailand) Ltd.
    Bangkok, Thailand 64,30%
  • LSG-Sky Food GmbH
    Alzey 100,00%
  • LSG-Food & Nonfood Handel GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • Oakfield Farms Solutions, L.L.C.
    Wilmington, USA 100,00%
  • SCIS Air Security Corporation
    Wilmington, USA 100,00%
  • ServCater Internacional Ltda.
    Guarulhos, Brasilien 90,00%
  • Sky Chefs Chile S.A.
    Santiago de Chile, Chile 100,00%
  • Sky Chefs de Panama, S.A.
    Panama City, Panama 100,00%
  • Sky Chefs, Inc.
    Wilmington, USA 100,00%
  • SkylogistiX GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 51,00%
  • Spiriant GmbH
    Neu-Isenburg 100,00%
  • Starfood Finland Oy
    Vantaa, Finnland 100,00%
  • Supply Chain S.à.r.l.
    Luxemburg 100,00%

1Full consolidation due to a call option exercisable any time
*as of December 31, 2014