Point-to-Point Airlines

Point-to-Point Airlines segment consists of the Eurowings group, Brussels Airlines and the equity investment in SunExpress.

The Point-to-Point Airlines segment consists of the airlines Eurowings, Germanwings and Eurowings Europe, which are consolidated under the umbrella of the Eurowings group. Brussels Airlines and the equity investment in SunExpress are also part of this segment. The route network of the Point-to-Point Airlines is served from a total of eleven bases and in the summer flight timetable 2017 comprised 192 destinations in 62 countries. From the financial year 2018 onwards, the segment will be expanded to include the flight operations of Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter (LGW).

With the Eurowings group, the Lufthansa Group has an innovative and competitive offering for price-sensitive and service-oriented customers in the growing direct traffic segment. In addition to its greater efficiency and competitive costs, the concept is based on a scalable company structure that enables the flexible integration of new partners on the basis of various cooperation models. The Eurowings concept is based on the central management of different flight operations. In addition to organic growth, this primarily enables the Eurowings group to consolidate other flight operations and therefore to alleviate overcapacities in the market. The Eurowings group is to be developed into a leading European player in direct traffic in the years ahead. It will thereby also secure the Lufthansa Group’s leading position in European traffic, particularly in its home markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.