Airbus A321-100/200

Airbus A321: Sleek, smart, fuel-savvy

The Airbus A321, the longest model in the A320 family, has a stretched fuselage of close to seven metres compared with the basic model in the range. In the Lufthansa configuration, the short to medium-haul jet seats up to 200 passengers. Not only highly fuel-efficient, the Airbus A321 is low on noise and emissions: Like its siblings in the A320 family, it is as environment and climate-friendly as is currently possible. Another plus: The new cabin-look resembling that of the future A380 flagship in each of the new 60 jets of the A320 family scheduled to join the Lufthansa fleet.

Airbus A321-100/200
Total 63
Length 44.51 m
Wingspan 34.10 m
Height 11.76 m
Cruising Speed 840 km/h
Max. altitude 12,100 m
Max. takeoff weight 89,000 kg
Max. landing weight 75,500 kg
Max. Range* 4,150 km
Cabin width 3.7 m
Seats 200
First/Business/Premium/Economy (max.)** -

* with max. number of bookings
** Configuration may vary