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Boeing 737-500


Petite but powerful

The 737-500 is one of the shortest 737-series passenger jets that Boeing ever built.
Thirty-one meters (101ft 9in) long, it seats just 120 passengers and is the smallest classic jet in the Lufthansa fleet. Only the regional jets operated by the Lufthansa subsidiary CityLine hold fewer passengers. The 737-500 has been serving Lufthansa as a city hopper since 1990, leaving the principle routes to larger planes. Yet aside from its size, it easily measures up to its 737-300 colleagues – it‘s even powered by the same type of jet engine.

Boeing 737-500
Length 31.0 m
Wingspan 28.9 m
Height 11.1 m
Cruising Speed 795 km/h
Max. altitude 11,300 m
Max. takeoff weight 54,000 kg
Max. landing weight 49,900 kg
Range* 1,950 km
Cabin width 3.5 m
First/Business/Economy (max.)** 120

* with max. number of bookings
** Configuration may vary

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