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The route to the cockpit

Flying is a skill that can be learned. Butterflies in one‘s stomach, the passion and enthusiasm for this exciting and varied career come of their own accord. If you want to be a pilot, you must have immense powers of concentration and be physically able to cope with pressure. The demands made on applicants and on the quality of their training at Lufthansa are therefore very high.

Lufthansa has been training its own pilots for more than 50 years. The future flight-deck managers spend about two years training to become commercial pilots in Bremen and Phoenix, Arizona.

Of the 6,350 candidates who applied to Lufthansa last year, 300 were selected to train for the sought-after career above the clouds. Another 240 places will be available for 2009. The trainee pilots have to handle a wide range of tasks and prove their abilities in the classroom, in the simulator and in the cockpit of training aircraft. A team of 111 teaching staff, including 82 flight instructors, teach the trainees.

All the important information about a career as an airline pilot, the application process and a description of all the aptitude tests can be found at The website also includes a practical self-assessment test in a sort of virtual flight simulator.

Did you know that ...

  • ...there are always three pilots in the cockpit on flights over 4,100 nautical miles?
  • ...the captain always sits on the left?
  • ...all the important systems on the aircraft are redundant? In other words, the aircraft has several back-up systems which can all operate independently of one another
  • ...crew members can submit one request per month for the destination they would like to fly to, and that they are frequently allocated to it?
  • ...that every minute a long-haul flight is delayed costs the airline several hundred euros?
Airline pilot - a dream job
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