Lufthansa Group airlines offering more than 700,000 additional seats in the winter of 2017/2018

  • Massive increase in flights on many routes
  • Jumbo jets in use on the Frankfurt – Berlin route
  • Main focus: connections within Germany

In their winter flight schedule, the Lufthansa Group hub airlines will offer over 700,000 additional seats on flights within Germany. This is a response to the greatly increased and continuously high demand after the market exit of Air Berlin, in particular on the routes they already serve most frequently. On a large number of routes, Lufthansa’s hub airlines have increased their capacity between September 2017 and March 2018 by a total of 25 percent, and by as much as 60 percent on some routes. With this move, the airlines are reestablishing 45 percent of Air Berlin’s previous capacity. This includes the use of the 747-400 between Frankfurt and Berlin-Tegel in November and December. The jumbo jet will shuttle between the two cities approximately 90 times in total. Going forward, Lufthansa plans to use the larger version of the Airbus A321 exclusively, which seats 200 passengers, on the route between the capital and its most important hub whenever possible.

The capacity increases are mainly focused on a large number of additional flights within Germany by Lufthansa’s hub airlines. For instance, this winter, Lufthansa will be offering approximately 100 additional flights from Munich to Berlin-Tegel, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne.

The connections between Frankfurt and Düsseldorf will be increased by 14 additional weekly flights, while the connections between Frankfurt and Berlin-Tegel will be increased by seven additional weekly flights.

Austrian Airlines will offer 14 additional weekly flights between Vienna and Berlin-Tegel, as well as 14 additional flights between Vienna and Düsseldorf, while SWISS will be offering 21 additional flights between Zurich and Berlin-Tegel and 15 additional flights between Zürich and Düsseldorf.

In order to meet the demand on the busiest travel days in October, the Lufthansa hub airlines used intercontinental aircraft for flights to Berlin-Tegel from all four hubs (Lufthansa: six Airbus A340-600 from Munich and three Airbus A340-400 from Frankfurt; SWISS: six Airbus A330 from Zürich; Austrian Airlines: one Boeing 777 from Vienna).

Lufthansa’s winter schedule also includes two new long-haul destinations. Since November 2017, Lufthansa has been connecting Berlin with New York five times a week and Düsseldorf with Miami three times a week.

These capacity increases are made possible by the reactivation of operational reserves, deployment of new aircraft and cancellation of less frequented routes, as well as through wet-lease agreements for a number of aircraft owned by other airlines.