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Five Female Crews en Route to New York


• On International Women’s Day, five of the Lufthansa Group’s long-haul flights with (almost) entirely women-only crews head for New York • 63 women and one man are taking care of the passengers on board of the flights from Frankfurt, Munich, Geneva, Vienna, and Brussels.

On March 8th, five flights of the Lufthansa Group with 63 female and one male crew member will depart Frankfurt, Munich, Geneva, Vienna, and Brussels for New York. Lufthansa, SWISS, and Brussels Airlines flights will have women-only crews, while on Austrian Airlines flight OS087, all but one crew member will be female.  Although Austrian Airlines employs female captains, there currently is none flying the Boeing 767 deployed on the route to New York.

“We hope that, in the future, more young women will take an interest in careers that up until recently have been considered a male domain,” says Dr. Bettina Volkens, Member of the Executive Board, Chief Officer of Corporate Human Resources and Legal Affairs of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Even though the number of male pilots dominates the industry, women in the cockpit is no longer considered unusual. Women have been flying scheduled service with Lufthansa since 1988. 2010 saw a debut in the worldwide air cargo sector when a Lufthansa cargo aircraft took off with a women-only crew. Today, approximately six percent of pilots in the Lufthansa Group are women, and that figure has been rising steadily in recent years. To reflect the increase, Lufthansa had the term “capitaine”, which translates to “women pilots”, approved by the German Language Society.  In cabin crews, around 80 percent of employees are women. 

Increasing the proportion of women in management is also an objective of the Lufthansa Group. “We were able to attain tangible results by taking concrete measures such as the introduction of a transparent job posting process and the implementation of diversity criteria in hiring procedures,” states Volkens. 

Together with other major German companies, in 2011 Lufthansa voluntarily established target quotas in order to increase the proportion of women in management. By 2020, this should increase by 30 percent in relation to 2010.

Lufthansa Flights take off from Frankfurt and Munich

At 10:50 in Frankfurt Flight LH400, a Boeing 747-8, will take off with 16 female crew members in the cabin and three female pilots. LH410, an Airbus A330-300, will take off 55 minutes later from Munich with two women in the cockpit and 11 amongst the cabin crew. The five Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, and Brussels Airlines flights will land at Kennedy Airport in New York between 1:20 p.m. and 3:50 p.m. local time.

Please see images for the flights here:

Flight Place of Departure Place of Arrival Time of Departure
Time of Arrival  (local) Cockpit Cabin
SN501 Brussels New York 10:30 13:20 2 pilots (f) 8 flight attendants (f)
OS087 Vienna New York 10:45 14:45 1 pilot (f), 1 pilot (m) 8  flight attendants (f)
LH400 Frankfurt New York 10:50 13:50 3 pilots (f) 16  flight attendants (f)
LX022 Geneva New York 11:45 14:40 2 pilots (f) 10  flight attendants (f)
LH410 Munich New York 12:15 15:50 2 pilots (f) 11  flight attendants (f)

Further information about gender diversity and opportunities for women can be found here: 

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