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Issue 04/2016


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  • Climate protection: EU must strengthen role as aviation pioneer

    International aviation is the first and so far only industrial sector with a worldwide CO2 emissions target. To put things in perspective: the widely acclaimed Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 contains no comparable provisions yet – the EU is now called upon to act.

  • Location Germany

  • Monopolies commission: Recommendation for independent airport regulation

    Monopolies impede growth and wealth, which is why competition watchdogs like Germany's Monopolies Commission are so important. In its most recent Biennial Report, the Commission focuses intensively on regulations at German airports – and issues a reminder that urgent action is needed.

    Easy, efficient, safe: Pilot project launched for passenger screening

    For many travellers, security checks are as necessary as they are annoying. The good news: Both government and industry are working on more customer focus and greater efficiency with the level of security remaining unchanged – since mid-November, the trial period for the Easy Security prototype has been underway at Cologne/Bonn airport.

    Civil drones: Minimising risks – enabling growth

    Some 400 000 drones were sold in Germany in 2016, and this figure is set to increase significantly in the future. With good reason, the Federal Government is currently developing a new legal framework to improve safety. Legislation must be closely coordinated with the EU and the UN aviation organisation ICAO.

    Noise protection: Lufthansa as a trailblazer – and investing billions

    The Lufthansa Group is the world’s first aviation group to prove during regular airline operations at a large and complex aviation hub that regions with a greater population density on the approach can be circumnavigated using existing technology. The Group has simultaneously invested billions of euros into the latest aircraft and refits – as both these initiatives deserve to be supported.

    Location comparison: German-French push for fair competition

    Globalisation must be well organised. An essential factor in making globalisation fair and sustainable is fair competition. This particularly applies to aviation, which is not even a member of the WTO due to the high number of state owners.

    Austrian Airlines: Austria’s modern, long-standing carrier stays on target

    Austrian aviation is under pressure. But Austrian Airlines, a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, is investing heavily into new connections, aircraft and staff - partly also thanks to clear, positive signs from the political sphere.

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