The Compensaid platform developed by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub enables passengers to keep an eye on their travel activities and to compensate for the CO2 emissions inevitably caused by their flight.

Two options are available to travelers for CO2 compensation via Compensaid: 

On the one hand, they can replace fossil aviation fuels one-to-one with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The platform calculates the price difference between SAF and fossil kerosene. Customers only pay the surcharge for the innovative fuel. The Sustainable Aviation Fuel will then be deployed from Frankfurt and San Francisco. SAF is one of the most promising options for making the future of flying climate-neutral.

Alternatively, travelers can support a reforestation project in Nicaragua through the climate protection organisation, myclimate, which has been a partner of the Lufthansa Group for effective climate protection since 2007, and thus achieve positive long-term climate effects.

With the Compensaid platform, customers have the choice of which approach they want to use to reduce CO2 emissions from their flight. It is also possible to combine both alternatives.

Lufthansa and SWISS customers can find Compensaid directly on the airlines' booking portal.

Make your voluntary contribution to climate protection.


Business Air Travel

Since 2019, business air travel of all Lufthansa Group employees has been CO2-neutral. CO2emissions are also offset by myclimate.