Four pillars for climate protection

Lufthansa Group works continuously on optimizing operations-related measures on the ground and in the air, and to make processes even more efficient in order to reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions over the long-term. A four pillar model for climate protection was developed in cooperation with other airlines. This agenda covers the entire scope of feasible measures.

Technological progress

Improved infrastructure

Operational measures

Economic measures


  • Innovation in aircraft and engine technologies
  • Alternative fuels


  • Improved use of airspace
  • Airport infrastructures adapted to needs


  • More efficient aircraft sizes
  • Optimal flight routes and speeds
  • Optimized processes on the ground


  • A global, sensibly designed, market-based system for reducing emissions to complement the other three pillars.

Four-pillar strategy: The Group’s Sustainability report Balance presents the current programs and measures in the field of fuel efficiency.