Research activities

Progress needs research. That is why the Lufthansa Group supports a broad range of scientific projects. The results such research generates form the basis for effective environmental care. Together with our system and project partners, we have been actively involved for years not only in noise research but also in research into alternative fuels. For more than two decades the Lufthansa Group has been involved also in climate research, and it has been helping scientists evaluate and refine their climate models.

Noise research for quieter flying

The Lufthansa Group always advocates clear reductions of the noise emissions associated with flying - a complex task that demands the cooperation of many different players. Therefore, the Group works permanently with partners in industry, public administration, academia and research on developing perceptible noise reduction measures.

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Research into sustainable alternative fuels

Worldwide mobility needs are on the rise, but fossil fuel resources are finite. This conflict demands new strategies for sustainable mobility and new approaches in the area of fuel. Alternative fuels with a substantially lower net CO2 output are a crucial component in all future efforts to permanently reduce emissions. The use of alternative fuels in flight operations is therefore an important cornerstone of technical progress according to the four-pillar strategy. The Lufthansa Group did pioneering work in 2011 by running a longterm trial of biofuel in regular scheduled flight operations and demonstrated that biofuels can be used for that purpose without any problem. With its continued involvement in numerous future-oriented projects focusing on alternative fuels, the Lufthansa Group is further consolidating its role as a trailblazer in this area.

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E-PORT AN electromobility project at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s largest commercial airport and one of the most important hubs for air travel in the world. It is also where we are currently working with our project partners to advance the E-Port AN electromobility initiative. The objective is to use electrically powered vehicles for aircraft handling to reduce emissions generated during ground maneuvering. The Lufthansa Group, Fraport AG, the State of Hesse, and the Rhine-Main Model Electro-mobility Region are partners in the initiative. The future-oriented electro-mobility project is being subsidized by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure with scientific support from the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Research activites at Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik also has been investing more in research work and the development of product innovations with which to cultivate new markets and customers. Lufthansa Technik is always focused on preparing for new aircraft types and technologies. New materials and technologies offer great opportunities for making the Lufthansa Group’s services even more ecologically efficient, cost-effective, and attractive to customers. For example, the goal of the project "FAMOS" is to develop a comprehensive, highly automated system for cleaning, stripping, painting, and applying low-drag aircraft surfaces.

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Climate research

The Lufthansa Group has been involved in climate research for 20 years. During this time, a number of Lufthansa passenger aircraft have been operating as “flying laboratories” with the aim of analyzing the composition of the middle atmosphere, without generating additional emissions in the process. The aviation group is a pioneer in this field and has made significant contributions towards improving weather forecasting and climate models.

Commitment to climate research