Other commitments

The Lufthansa Group is focusing its corporate citizenship activities more and more on social and humanitarian issues. Nevertheless, the Company has maintained its support in the areas of environment, culture and sports, as in previous years.

Environmental sponsorship

The long-term protection of the crane and its breeding, resting and gathering areas has a tradition of more than 30 years at the Lufthansa Group. Emphasis is placed on the Crane Protection Germany working group, which the Lufthansa Group founded in 1991 together with Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) and the environmental foundation WWF Deutschland (World Wide Fund For Nature). In particular, the working group supports projects that help ensure the survival of the Eurasian crane, but is also involved in numerous projects in Africa and Asia concerned with research on and protection of crowned, wattled, white-naped and sarus cranes. 

Continue to fly together

The Lufthansa Group is continuing its successful cooperation with NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.). As a partner of Kranichschutz Deutschland gGmbH (Crane Protection Germany), the Group will continue to work to protect endangered bird species in the future. The partners are building on joint successes in recent years, such as the construction of the barrier-free crane observation station KRANORAMA on Lake Günzer or the NABU crane centre in Groß Mohrdorf.


New observation platform “Cranorama”

The Crane Information Center, operated by Crane Protection Germany in Groß Mohrdorf, plays an important role. It allows visitors a nature-friendly way of observing the estimated 125,000 cranes that rest every year in late summer and early fall in the regions around the Darß-Zingst peninsula and near Rügen to prepare for the continuation of their journey south. Employees of the Lufthansa Group regularly work at the center as volunteer rangers in the area of environmental education.

Cultural commitment

Lufthansa supports the Gürzenich-Orchester Köln as a “First Global Partner”

Cologne is home to the renowned Gürzenich Orchestra. In its role as First Global Partner, the company has supported the orchestra, which experts consider one of the top ensembles in Germany, since 2010. This is the first time that Lufthansa has made a long-term commitment to supporting a German symphony orchestra.

Lufthansa Choir celebrates its premiere

The Lufthansa Choir was founded at the end of 2015 and consists of 50 singers from across the Group. It gave its premiere performance in November 2016 in a concert with the Lufthansa Orchestra. The latter, with more than 65 members and set up in 2011, has made its name above all with the annual spring and fall concerts in Frankfurt. A smaller lineup of the orchestra also performs at occasions such as the memorial event on the first anniversary of the Germanwings accident on March 24, 2016.

The Lufthansa Choir celebrated its premiere performance in November 2016 in a concert with the Lufthansa Orchestra.

Sports sponsorship

Athletes need experts working in the background in all areas to be able to achieve top performances. The Lufthansa Group sees itself as a part of this “team behind the teams” and has supported associations, institutions and sports clubs for many years. Since 2007, the Lufthansa Group has been a National Sponsor of the German Sports Aid Foundation.

For many years, Lufthansa has been the official airline of the German Olympic teams, copartner of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and cosponsor of the National Paralympic Committee Germany (DBS). In 2016, Lufthansa flew the German Olympic team and the Paralympic team to Rio de Janeiro and back. For the flight home the airline provided a Boeing 747-8 featuring the special design “Olympia Siegerflieger” (“Olympic winner’s plane”). In 2016, SWISS also operated flights in its role as official airline and partner of the Swiss Olympic and Swiss Paralympic teams.

How sports sponsorship and social commitment can be connected in meaningful ways was illustrated by the Group during the Olympic year, which also marked the 60th anniversary of the route to Rio de Janeiro. Lufthansa Group employees renovated the charitable professional education institution Centro Comunitário Paulo da Portela (CCCP) in this Brazilian city. They received hands-on support from Olympic beach volleyball winners Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann. The CCCP has received support from the help alliance since 2011. Young people receive profession-related instruction and are prepared for university entrance exams, for example.


Lufthansa has been a partner of the German Soccer Association (DFB) since 2005 and flies the national soccer team to its European championship games. The airline is also active at the football club level as the Official Carrier of FC Bayern München. Furthermore, Eurowings has been Borussia Dortmund’s official airline since 2016.