Refugee aid – education creates perspectives

Committing oneself to helping those less fortunate than oneself and having a direct impact in society is a traditional activity in the Lufthansa Group. The focus of our social commitment is, above all, on projects which create access to education for young people and which are intended to enable them to lead self-determined lives.

Sustainable integration projects

The Lufthansa Group currently supports countless integration projects in Germany through its own help alliance charitable organisation. These are projects with a long-term focus which are aimed at refugees and young people whose families have a background of immigration. An exemplary project is the Düsseldorf Learn Coaching project for children and young people whose families have a background of immigration or who come from families with a low level of education. The project was initiated by the Chancenwerk association, and help alliance has been giving its support to the project since 2015. Another mentoring project which launched in 2015, this time together with the basis & woge association in Hamburg, is oriented to giving refugees and young migrants better chances of accessing the job market.

In the Rhine-Main area, providing refugee children with support in learning the German language is of central importance and this support is offered in partnership with the Stern des Südens (Star of the South) association.

In Berlin, help alliance opened a study centre in the Spree workshops in 2017 which is for refugees who are studying for degrees, and is run in collaboration with the Kiron Open Higher Education educational platform. As a meeting and learning place, the centre makes an important contribution towards social and cultural integration. Employees of the Lufthansa Group are involved as voluntary mentors in the work of both the study centre and various other voluntary projects. 

Education programs

In addition to integration projects in Germany, a further area of focus is on educational programs in crisis regions around the world which aim to give people opportunities for a better life in their own home areas. An example is Jordan, where help alliance has set up educational opportunities for children of refugee families.

Information on these and further projects can be found on

We Together – the integration initiative of German business

The Lufthansa Group is part of Wir-zusammen (We Together), the integration initiative of German business. The focus of the initiative is on German business sponsorships to integrate refugees. The first step in the initiative is to bring together the existing integration projects of partner companies and inspire other businesses and their employees to join in.