External evaluation

Sustainability analysts and rating agencies regularly evaluate the Lufthansa Group’s activities according to the criteria of responsible corporate management. Deutsche Lufthansa AG is included in the following sustainability indices and ratings:


In the 2018 climate change reporting of CDP, the international charitable rating organization, the Lufthansa Group reached the Climate Scoring Result “B” (previous year: “A-”). The aviation group is thus among the top five airlines listed in the CDP. CDP Climate Scores are awarded on a scale from “A” (best result) to “D-”.

CDP is widely recognized among experts and annually conducts the world’s most comprehensive climate ranking, for which companies have to report wide-ranging information and data concerning CO₂ emissions, strategies for reducing these emissions as well as climate risks. The Lufthansa Group has participated in the annual CDP reporting since 2006. CDP data is also used for other ratings established by leading rating agencies.


Sustainalytics / FTSE4Good

Worldwide renowned rating agency Sustainalytics regularly evaluates the Lufthansa Group’s sustainability activities in accordance with the ESG criteria. The rating is included in the composition of the FTSE4Good, in which the Lufthansa Group share has been listed since 2001. The index includes only those companies that meet the internationally accepted standards of entrepreneurial responsibility.


ISS ESG Corporate Rating: “Prime” status

In the ISS ESG Corporate Rating of July 2018 the Lufthansa Group again received “Prime” status with a “C+” rating. It thus belongs to the group of “Industry Leaders” among a total of 115 companies evaluated in the area of transport and logistics. In this rating process the social and governance rating has a weight of 30 percent and the environmental rating 70 percent.



The Lufthansa share is listed in the sustainability indices ECPI EMU Ethical Equity, ECPI Euro Ethical Equity, ECPI Euro ESG Equity and ECPI World ESG Equity. ECPI has offered a selection of ESG indices since 1997 and uses its own evaluation method that is based on exclusion criteria as well as positive criteria in the categories of environment, social issues and corporate governance. Only those companies are included in these indices that depict suitable, sustainable investment according to ECPI’s assessment.


MSCI Rating / MSCI Sustainability Index Series

The Lufthansa Group is regularly assessed by MSCI, a leading rating agency for investors. In July 2018, the Group was again confirmed with a rating of BBB and thus ranked above average in comparison with its industry. In the areas of carbon emissions and corporate governance, the Group even has a leading position. The Lufthansa Group is represented in several MSCI Sustainability Indices. The index family depicts companies with a particular commitment to environmental, social and governance issues.