External evaluation

Sustainability analysts and rating agencies regularly evaluate the Lufthansa Group’s activities according to the criteria of responsible corporate management. Deutsche Lufthansa AG is included in the following sustainability indices and ratings:


With a climate score result of “B” in the CDP 2016 Climate Change Report, Deutsche Lufthansa AG has achieved the status of "Sector Leader Transportation" for the DACH region. The company is now one of the best in the industry in this regard in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

To be considered a “Sector Leader”, a company has to show a high degree of transparency concerning actual achieved climate protection performance in comparison with other companies in the industry, looking at such factors as the setting of goals, reductions in emissions, measures taken and the verification of reported data. This is therefore representative of an above-average achievement for the company in comparison to others in the industry, with regard to strategies initiated and measures taken for adaptation to climate change, as well as the struggle to prevent it, and also regarding the efforts made towards the increase in data validity. CDP climate scores are set on a scale running from A to F (A, A-, B, B-, C, C-, D, D-, F).



The index was introduced in 2001 by FTSE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange. It lists only those companies that meet the internationally accepted standards for corporate responsibility in the following dimensions: environmental management, climate change, human and labor rights along the supply chain, corporate governance, and anti-corruption efforts. Lufthansa has been listed since 2001.


The oekom Corporate Rating evaluates the social and environmental compatibility of companies according to a selection of 100 industry-specific indicators on average. Companies that rank in the top of their respective industries in the context of an oekom Corporate Rating and fulfill the industry-specific minimum criteria are awarded the oekom Prime Status by oekom research.



The Lufthansa Group’s place in the ECPI® Index family was confirmed in 2016. This index comprises the 150 highest-capitalized companies within the European economic and monetary union, which represent suitable and sustainable investments according to the ECPI’s screening method. The ECPI analyzes data in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas of companies as well as the development, calculation and publication of ECPI indices. It monitors 4,000 issuers by means of a disciplined and certified method that covers a range of ESG criteria.

MSCI Global Sustainability Index Series

The US index provider MSCI launched a series of sustainability indices in September 2010. The MCSI index family comprises seven environmental, two value-based and 15 best-of-class indices. These include shares of companies with high and medium market capitalization and are based on the MSCI World Index. They depict companies that are particularly committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Lufthansa has been included in this index series since June 2015.