Opportunities management

The management of opportunities and risks is integrated into all business processes. For the highly dynamic global airline industry, opportunities can arise both externally – from new customer wishes, market structures, ongoing consolidation or the regulatory environment, for instance – and internally – from new products, innovations, quality improvements and competitive differentiation. Employees and managers in the Lufthansa Group identify opportunities in the course of day-to-day processes and market observation. They are supported by a regular strategy and planning process, which is managed by the strategy and controlling departments. Scenario analyses and accurate return calculations are used to precisely examine opportunities and the associated risks. Opportunities that, in an overall assessment, are considered advantageous for the development of the Lufthansa Group, and so for the interests of shareholders, are pursued and implemented by means of defined steps. They are managed by the established planning and forecasting processes as well as by projects.

Further information regarding the opportunity report can be found here.