Diversity and equal opportunities

For the Lufthansa Group, diversity at management and staff levels is a fundamental prerequisite for remaining innovative and versatile. Diversity within the Group also fosters creativity and makes the corporate culture more receptive to different values, outlooks, and life experiences. We regard this as the basis of our modern service culture and the responsiveness to customers that goes with it. 

The Lufthansa Group’s employees come from literally all over the world. They hail from very different cultures and ethnic groups, belong to a range of age groups, and bring to their jobs an enormous variety of skills and outlooks. Such abundant diversity in human resources is crucial to our ability to ensure the long-term endurance of our strong competitive position. 

The Lufthansa Group pursues a comprehensive management approach that understands diversity of gender, demography and nationality in the sense of versatility, variety of ideas, blending of perspectives and strengthening of competitiveness.

Furthermore, the Lufthansa Group instituted programs designed to improve career opportunities for women, programs that also make it easier, for men and women alike, to reconcile career demands with family life. In this regard, the Personnel departments are working with the equality-of-opportunity representative to develop concepts and measures.