A high level of customer centricity, innovative services and a focus on quality are essential for a service company such as the Lufthansa Group. Therefore, “customer centricity and quality focus” is one of the strategic action areas at the Lufthansa Group.

The focus has been placed on further enhancing the Lufthansa Group brands and the related brand promises. An additional goal is to understand customer needs even better and to identify and realize optimization potentials on a continuous basis.

Systematic determination of customer satisfaction

To obtain insights that are as differentiated as possible about passengers as well as their wishes and expectations, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group count on tracking satisfaction on a regular basis and conducting additional detailed surveys. Thanks to these worldwide surveys, possible starting points for improving customer orientation continuously can be identified.

At the same time, the satisfaction ratings allow differentiated insights into how elements such as adaptations in catering, lounge modernizations, new seat concepts, the introduction of new in-flight entertainment systems or changed service sequences influence passenger satisfaction. They can also be used as indicators for implementing improvements of services and products.