Traditional family and work models are undergoing change and new models are gaining more and more importance. Today, the focus is increasingly on work-time models that take into account changing needs in different life phases. These not only allow for a better harmony between working and family life, they also increase employees’ motivation and health.

The Lufthansa Group supports its employees and managers by offering flexible work-time models and provides detailed information on this subject on the intranet and in the context of various events. For example, the Company offers the options of filling managerial positions in tandem (shared leadership) or taking sabbaticals from work. In Frankfurt, Lufthansa employees have the use of two parent-child offices together with their children when there are difficulties with child care; in 2016, the Group extended this offer to its Hamburg location. A better work-life balance is also supported by comprehensive offers for child care and the summer school vacation care program “Luftikusse” in Frankfurt and Munich.