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Slimline seat creates more space

Lufthansa updates seating comfort and expands service on its short and medium-haul fleet

Good news for passengers flying on domestic German and European flights. Following the launch of its new inflight service, Lufthansa is offering many improvements in terms of seating comfort and on-board service.

By the end of 2011, all Lufthansa‘s short and medium-range aircraft will be fitted with new seats, which will provide more legroom and a higher level of seating comfort. The modern, updated design of the Recaro seat with its slim backrest and an optimised, ergonomic shape will give passengers an extra 4 cm of room at knee level alone.

The new seats are also lighter than the previous ones, thanks to the use of the finest-quality materials. This will result in weight savings of about 30 per cent, which will also help to conserve the environment as the lighter an aircraft, the lower its specific fuel consumption.

Moreover, as the improved seats take up less space, more seats can be installed on board. Overall, Lufthansa will thus offer an additional 2,000 or so seats on its short and medium-haul fleet. That is equivalent to the capacity of twelve new Airbus A320s.

Meals on every flight

In future, passengers travelling in Economy Class on domestic German routes will be offered a snack, such as a muesli bar or chocolate, in addition to the usual selection of beverages. On cross-border European routes, passengers on flights lasting more than two hours can look forward to a hot meal.

Lufthansa is investing a total of 170 million euros in the extensive modernisation of its aircraft cabins and its inflight service.

Living Space

More knee room
More knee room thanks to a slim backrest and less voluminous seat padding.

The new seats are lighter. Each seat weighs 10.87 kg. We save a total of 14.304 kg in weight. That means we need less fuel and produce fewer emissions, which is better for the environment.

The new seats are made of top-quality leather.

The leather on the seat pad is perforated for breathability.