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New Business Class seat for maximum travel comfort

The new Lufthansa Business Class seat boasts a horizontal sleeping surface measuring 1.98 metres in length. At the press of a button, it converts into a comfortable bed. The seat impresses with the exceptional comfort it offers as a flat bed or as an upright or reclining seat, with its intuitive adjustments, additional storage space and enhanced entertainment system.

“We integrated our customers very closely into the development of our new Business Class so we would be able to offer a product that was totally in line with their wishes and requirements,” says Jens Bischof, member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board. Back in 2007 Lufthansa conducted a survey of more than 500 frequent flyers in order to find out their preferences and their requirements of a Business Class seat. With that as the starting point, the airline moved on to the next phase and developed various concepts with the aid of well-known ergonomics experts, designers and seat manufacturers. In 2010 an eight-week trial was conducted on the Frankfurt-New York-Frankfurt route. The outcome is a seat that meets the most discerning demands as regards seating and sleeping comfort.

Another novel feature is the innovative seating arrangement in the form of a “V”. Two neighbouring seats are angled towards one another along a central axis. This solution enabled Lufthansa to fulfil one of the main wishes expressed by customers – to sit or lie facing the direction of travel. This seating arrangement also enabled Lufthansa to virtually double the distance between two neighbouring seats at shoulder level, which in future will give Business Class passengers greater privacy. Furthermore, the newly developed concept allows Lufthansa to make optimum use of the space on board.

The new Business Class seat at a glance

  • A horizontal sleeping surface measuring 1.98 metres in length
  • Ergonomically improved cushioning ensures a high degree of comfort in a sitting or horizontal position
  • More space at shoulder level when lying down thanks to lowerable armrests and a special hollow in the central console
  • Generous surfaces to put things on and additional storage compartments on the seat itself
  • No need to stand up: ergonomically optimised, continuous seat-adjustment mechanism when converting the seat into a bed and when making individual adjustments to the seat position
  • Inflight entertainment system with larger monitors (15-inch screens as opposed to the previous 10.4-inch screens)
  • Greater distance from the neighbouring seat at shoulder level provides more privacy in the Boeing B747-8
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