"for me, cultural diversity is …

… the fact that different people can live together, respect and accept one another and make the most of their differences to achieve a shared goal.

Diksha Walia is a Marketing and Communications Specialist in Delhi. She is a Sikh from Punjab, but was educated in Delhi und Manchester.

Driss Abied is a Shift Manager at Brussels Airlines in Brussels. He is a Belgian of Moroccan descent.

… one of the most wonderful things that I’ve found out about through my work. I also think that companies can only benefit from diversity. For me, it relates not only to people’s cultural background, but also to every difference between them: their appearance, faith, ethnicity, opinions and views.

… the evolution of our existence.

Tatiana Belmonte Bergantin is an HR Coordinator for Latin America at the LSG Group in São Paulo. She is Brazilian, but has Italian roots.

Haydar Güzel from Import Delivery Frankfurt at Lufthansa Cargo was born in Turkey, but came to Germany at the age of seven. He is married to an Italian and their three children are trilingual. He believes this is a great advantage for them.

… very important. I have been brought up to be open and friendly to everyone, regardless of what culture they come from.

… people who come from different cultures living and working together in society and seeing their diversity as a positive feature and as one of their strengths.

Ardeschir Asghary has Iranian roots and has lived in Germany since 1985. He studied business and IT, married a German and has worked as a Near- and Offshore Provider Manager for Lufthansa Industry Solutions since 2004. By providing coaching sessions and intercultural training courses he also helps to increase understanding within intercultural projects.

Minyung Sandra Althof, Lufthansa Flight Attendant MUC.

… being able to welcome people from many different countries on board. I particularly enjoy that.

Alfred S. Kidjo is Country Manager for Benin at Brussels Airlines. He was born in Benin and also studied for his degree there. Benin is in West Africa and is home to people from many ethnic backgrounds who speak different languages and have different customs. Kidjo has lived in Belgium since 1990.

… the efficient coexistence in an organization of different races, nationalities, ethnicities, languages, religions and even political sensibilities and this at different layers of that organization, from the low end to the higher layer of responsibilities.

… working across borders on the basis of new ideas.

Pascal Fischer, Sandun Dissanayake und Matthias de la Rosa work together at Eurowings.

Scott Miller is Senior Manager Financial Planning & Analysis at the LSG Group.

… an important part of what we need for our business to flourish. This is the only way of finding the most talented people and meeting the requirements of all our customers, who are as diverse as we are.

… a beautiful thing in all aspects.

Itzel Fuentes works in Sales Customer Support at the LSG Group in Dallas, Texas and has Hispanic roots.

Benny Varughese is the Manager of trackSpace Suite at Lufthansa Systems. He was born in Villingen-Schwenningen, but moved to India at the age of three and grew up there. He returned to Germany when he was 16, graduated from high school and went to university. He currently lives in Bodenheim near Mainz.

… the opportunity to get to know people from different cultures so that I can grow and develop on the basis of the positive aspects of what I have learned.

…the most rewarding part of my job. There were times when countries and organisations could afford to live in their own cultural silos, but those days are long gone. Diversity will undoubtably be the recipe for success in the days ahead.

Shailendra Kothari is Head of Production Procurement at Lufthansa Cargo. He has worked for Lufthansa for 25 years and has lived in five different countries during that time.

Vagner Melquiades dos Santos is Account Manager at the LSG Group in Recife, Brazil. He is a Brazilian with African roots.

… living in harmony with a great variety of cultural expressions, tastes, heritages and traditions.

… to see the difference in the other as the opportunity to learn and become a better human being; we must have the consciousness and responsibility of having this look all the time.

Clécio Gomes Souza is a Junior Planning Analyst at the LSG Group in São Paulo. He is a Brazilian with African ancestors.