Which is your favorite aircraft?

Engineering, atmosphere or happy memories – employees of the Lufthansa Group choose their favorite airplane according to different criteria

More than 20 different types of aircrafts fly for the Lufthansa Group. Each of it has its adavantages – but which is most popular among the employees? A350, 747 or Avro?

We collected love confessions to the fleet.

As a former flight attendant at Germanwings, I completed my first flights on the A319 and had great experiences. Every flight on one of them brings back nice memories.

Janina Fels, Eurowings

Stefanie Lapp, Franziska Seuring, Meike Knöchl, Jürgen Tordeurs von Lufthansa

No question – with the 747, of course! And all of us agree on that.

I like the CRJ900 best because it is small, sleek and modern. The small cabin and the fewer passengers make for a relaxed atmosphere.

Thomas Kübler, Eurowings

Markus Ott, Lufthansa

My choice is quite traditional: I like flying with the A380.

Deciding between the A380 and 747 is hard but when I’m spoilt for choice I’d probably take the A380.

Elisabeth Althoff, Lufthansa

Christopher Bellieno, Lufthansa Technik

My favorite airplane is the Lufthansa latest addition, the A350. Its standard equipment includes the GuideU which we develop in our team at Lufthansa Technik.

The best option for me is enjoying the sun in our Austrian B777 Pool Floatie because space in aircrafts is scarce for my 1.93 meters. A day at the pool with the pool float guarantees legroom.

Stefan Bednar, Austrian

Michael Otto, Austrian

My number one: The Dash-8 because of its unique performance and interesting mission profile.

Jumbo! The 747 is simply beautiful from the outside and virtually majestic. The A380 looks a bit podgy.

Klaus Ammermann, Lufthansa