The parts logistician

Intelligent solutions for transport orders and time-critical shipments

Transport manager Nasir Hashi works at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services and spends his day finding intelligent solutions for transport orders and time-critical shipments


Arrival: Nasir Hashi starts his late shift at the Frankfurt South logistics office feeling rested.


First call: An AOG or Aircraft on Ground order arrives. An aircraft is unable to fly for technical reasons. At Ameco in Beijing, an A380 from an Asian customer is in for maintenance and two spare parts are missing that are needed urgently. The A380 requires an air brake for a wing and a set of pipes. The plan is for the aircraft to return to scheduled flights in the next two days.


That was the starting gun. Now things have to move quickly. It’s good that colleagues such as René Priebe are there to help. He and Hashi draw up a transport plan. Which warehouse are the parts in? Which fl ight could take them? Will the shipment go on a plane? A truck needs to be organized. Hashi moves expertly through various IT systems and works out a final deadline. The shipment will reach Beijing at 11:00 the next morning. He reports this immediately to the AOG desk.


Over to the high-bay warehouse: This is where the set of pipes is in stock. Nasir’s colleague Priebe has already found it and put it on the lift truck.


Working to a tight deadline, Hashi jumps into his company car. The second shipment is in the A380 building. In critical situations, the transport manager must be there in person to avoid risks and delays. The full responsibility for the AOG shipment lies with Hashi.


Quality control: The box with the wing component needs to be measured. Only if the measurements are provided in advance can Lufthansa Cargo schedule the shipment and guarantee to book it in at short notice. The loading plan is drawn up according to the size and type of freight.


Finished! The shipment is ready. Now Hashi returns to his office to prepare the transport documentation. He notifies customs about the goods and prints the handling invoice, air waybill and package label.


Off to the warehouse: The truck that Hashi organized is waiting. The shipment is loaded and the papers are handed over to the driver. The truck sets off for Lufthansa Cargo.


A brief call from the truck driver: The goods have been delivered. Lufthansa Cargo is checking the documentation and preparing the freight for flight LH 720, which was booked by LTLS. In line with the loading plan, the freight will be put on pallets with other customer freight and loaded into containers ready for shipping. These will be handed over to the aircraft loading team.


Takeoff! Everything is OK. Flight LH 720 takes off on schedule and the shipment is on its way to Beijing.


Almost time to go home: Even though the aircraft isn’t landing in Beijing until the next day, Hashi hands over the job to his night-shift colleague Matthias Witt from the warehouse. AOG shipments are passed on from shift to shift. The team works 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Next morning, the early shift will receive the information that the AOG shipment has arrived in Beijing and work on the A380 can continue.