#WeCare – so you can fly with no worries

Even in these special times, we want to make sure that you feel comfortable during your flight. We have already taken a number of measures in recent weeks to protect our guests and employees in the current situation.

Cabin air quality

The aircraft of Lufthansa Group Airlines are equipped with so-called hepa filters that clean the cabin air. All recirculated air is filtered and cleaned of impurities such as dust, bacteria and viruses from the cabin air. This applies to about 40 percent - the rest is added as fresh air from outside. Hepa filter technology is also used in air conditioning systems for hospitals and operating theatres. By using these special filters, the cabin air is cleaner than the air inhaled by most people on earth. In addition, the air flow in aircraft cabins is from top to bottom. The air conditioning system is designed to prevent airflow in the longitudinal direction of the aircraft. All air in Airbus cabins is completely renewed approximately every 3 minutes. This is a much higher ventilation rate than is usual in other interiors and means of transport.

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What is needed for safe air travel in times of Corona?

To ensure the health and safety of air travel even in times of a worldwide pandemic, German airports and airlines have developed precautionary and hygiene measures in cooperation with their regulative authorities. These are also in line with the recommendations of the UN aviation organization ICAO and the European aviation safety and desease prevention authorities.

Facts and background (PDF)