Art program

The LAC was also made a place of art – as a gesture of appreciation towards art and its employees. New works especially developed for this place have become an integral part of the building.



A building's architecture also represents a company. The architectural planning of the Lufthansa Aviation Center aimed, therefore, to document the identity and culture of the Lufthansa Group in a significant way and to create an unmistakable landmark for the Group. The result is a transparent and permeable building that symbolizes the cosmopolitan nature of the aviation world.


Green Building

The Lufthansa Aviation Center is one of the first buildings in Germany to officially call itself a "Green Building". The reason for this is not merely the nine gardens, which, as natural "lungs", support the air conditioning of the building, but state-of-the-art technologies and highly effective thermal insulation.


How to get to the Lufthansa Aviation Center in Frankfurt

Lufthansa Aviation Center

60546 Frankfurt / Main


GPS Coordinates

50.048982, 8.557148