Nicolai interprets the square waveform on which the Aviation Center is based as a sound wave, complemented by the visual representation of further sound waves. They extend along the longitudinal axis of the building on the floor. Carsten Nicolai describes them as "bitwaves", as sine waves, which are represented as parallel rasterized lines. Their scaling is based on the dimensions of the building. Having been invited to the architectural planning phase at an early stage, Carsten Nicolai was able to choose not only the location of his artistic contribution, but also the materials. The bright stainless steel panels embedded in the dark natural stone transform the lowest level of the central transit hall into a kind of code, in which, when viewed from close up, the individual bars produce surprising line patterns. From a distance, on the other hand, they reveal themselves as a large mathematical formula that has been inscribed in the building.

Carsten Nicolai

born in Chemnitz in 1965
lives in Berlin

  • 1998: polyfoto, Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig
  • 1999: 1% space, Kopenhagen
  • 2000: Kunstmuseum Ystad (Schweden)
  • 2002: International Art Biennial, Buenos Aires
  • 2003: funken, Galerie EIGEN + ART, Berlin
  • 2005: Anti Reflex, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt am Main
  • 2005: Audio Visual Spaces, Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (S.M.A.K.), Gent
  • 2005: syn chron, gezeigt in der Neuen Nationalgalerie, Berlin[12] sowie in Bern und in Yamaguchi
  • 2006: inver, gezeigt auf der Frieze Art Fair, London und bei der Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig
  • 2006: Polylit, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.[9]
  • 2007: static fades, gezeigt bei PaceWildenstein, New York und im Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich
  • 2009: rota, Schering Stiftung Berlin
  • 2012: unidisplay, Hangar Bicocca, Mailand
  • 2013: Empty garden, the hole gallery, Prague
  • 2013: crt mgn, galerie eigen + art Berlin
  • 2013: Observatory, ibid projects, London
  • 2013: Unidisplay/uni(psycho)acoustic, Museum für moderne Kunst, Frankfurt/Main
  • 2014: Alpha pulse, icc international commerce center Hong Kong
  • 2015: Unitape, kunstsammlungen Chemnitz
  • 2015: Unidisplay, kunstmuseum Stuttgart
  • 2015: Unicolor, the vinyl factory, London
  • 2015: ur-geräusch, kunstverein Braunschweig
  • 2015: Strange attractors, borusan contemporary, Istanbul
  • 2016: Black absorb pol, seibu shibuya, Tokyo
  • 2016: Unidisplay, copenhagen contemporary, Copenhagen
  • 2017: Unicolor, galerie eigen + art Leipzig
  • 2017: Autonomo, ibid gallery