But also a building oriented to the dimensions of humankind: creating offices where the individual workplace is integrated into a friendly human environment. Furnishings, installations and technology were coordinated with the requirements of Lufthansa employees and, to a major extent, developed by the architects specifically for Lufthansa Aviation Center.

The building follows principles near to nature and harmonises ecology and economy. The selection-of materials and their qualities focussed on solutions that are sustainable and convincing in the long term – high-grade and essentially untreated building materials.

Facts & figures


sq. m Glass surface






Parking spaces

A building for people – work and communication under one roof

The inner diversity of room sequences and the contra-distinguishing spatial relationships give rise to an efficient office configuration with openness – lebensraum that encourages communication and interchange.

The spine of the building is the passage. As central vein, it links all vertical and horizontal ways in the building and thus forms the communicative infrastructure. Not only is it the location ot the lif1s and the mini-atriums, but also of the meeting points. They are at the disposa! of employees and provide a lounge area with seating and standing room tor discussions, work on laptops or simply relaxing. This communication section constitutes the interface between office areas and the public zone.

The Internet Point on the ground floor is an office and communication zone for visitors. Here one finds computers with internet access for surfing or receiving and sending e-mails, moreover space where visitors and Lufthansa employees can work comfortably with laptops. This business area is also equipped with fax machines and printers.

Gardens as open spaces

The gardens are like the lungs of the building, allowing the building to breathe. They offer people some peace and quiet from the traffic noise outside. At the same time, they symbolize the vegetation of our planet and so represent Lufthansa Group global route network.

The gardens

The code of aviation – easy and clear orientation for visitors

The logical interpretation of the building and its inner organisation make orientation easy, not just for employees, but for visitors too.

The orientation process relies on the systematics and function of the architecture. All information is provided at key points. The display clarity and rational consistency of the information system underlines the high design assertion of Lufthansa Aviation Center.

The logic of the orientation systems is based on the ways of employees and visitors. The building is divided into three areas grouped around the central lift complex. Each area is allocated meeting points, work zones and partially conference rooms. Based on this division categorised by the capitals A to C, a clear numeration system emerges with the indication of floor, work area and room number.

The explicit designations with a uniform three-letter code are comparable to the terminology of aviation.

Trail-blazing building technology – harmonising responsibility with future outlook

The building concept of Lufthansa Aviation Center is aimed at achieving optimum working conditions also under technical aspects. The planning and construction of the building's shell placed stringent demands on energy efficiency. A key element thereby is effective outer and inner (atrium-oriented) sun screening secured by automatic fabric/slat blinds.

The naturally ventilated atriums are also conducive for the internal climate of the highly transparent building. They are an integral element of the overall ecological concept.

Lufthansa Aviation Center is equipped with a thermoactive structural compo-nent system for climate regulation. The reactive system automatically controls the air exchange with ongoing low energy consumption. A self-regulating system feeds air -either heated or cooled – into the offices via air source vents in the floor. The position of the air outlets in the room can be adjusted depending on the location of the workplace. Thanks also to the possibility of direct and individual ventilation via windows, the building provides its occupants with special quality.