The Lufthansa Aviation Center is one of the first buildings in Germany to officially call itself a "Green Building". The reason for this is not merely the nine gardens, which, as natural "lungs", support the air conditioning of the building, but state-of-the-art technologies and highly effective thermal insulation. The LAC therefore requires significantly less heating energy than comparable buildings.

The LAC thus symbolizes the sense of responsibility of the Group, which continuously invests in a modern, energy-efficient fleet.


Low Energy Building
LAC's annual heating energy consumption lies about 60 percent below the standards of the Energy Saving Decree (EnEV) of 2007

Green Building partner
Award for Deutsche Lufthansa AG by the European Commission due to the energy efficiency of LAC

Annual C02 saving of 1,200 tonnes thanks to the low energy concept

High quality requirements on heat insulation properties of building components
Double glazing in the atriums, triple glazing in double shell

Gardens as „climate and noise cushions"
Contribution to low heating energy consumption

Irrigation of atrium plants
Rainwater from the roof is channelled to a cistern with 200 m3 capacity