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Balance 2015 ENG - Most stringent noise standardsfor the Lufthansa Group’s fleet

Margins below the noise limit of ICAO Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Active fleet of the Lufthansa Group on December 31, 2014 in EPNdB Of the 605 aircraft in the Lufthansa Group’s active fleet, 602 fulfill the strin- gent Chapter 4 noise standard of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The most important element of Chapter 4 is the minus 10 EPNdB crite- rion (Effective Perceived Noise dB); see the vertical broken line in the overview on the left. The limits depend on the aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight and number of engines. The bar chart indicates the sum of the differences between the measured value and the threshold value at the three measuring points by type of aircraft (cumulated margin). Where necessary, the values based on the reduced maxi- mum takeoff weight prevailing in flight operations are indicated. To allow a more transparent depiction, an improved method of analysis was developed for the previous issues of Balance, which include the individual noise certificate data of all Group aircraft. Different ver- sions of an aircraft and its engines by year of construction are thus better taken into account. While the conserva- tive approach used until reporting year 2008 meant that only the values of the sub-fleet with the lowest cumulated mar- gin were reported to describe an aircraft fleet, the new analytical method used since reporting year 2009 means that the value ranges from the lowest to the highest cumulated margin are now indi- cated for many fleets. The analysis also takes into account any modifications to aircraft or engines that have been made in the meantime, thereby leading to modified noise data and cumulated margins in certain cases. In addition, numerous additions and withdrawals in individual fleets lead to changes in the value ranges reported. –10.0* Grouping of aircraft types according to MTOW (maximum takeoff weight): under 50t 50 to 150t more than 150t This division generally corresponds to a grouping of regional, continental, and inter- continental aircraft 4U = Germanwings CL = Lufthansa CityLine EN = Air Dolomiti EW = Eurowings LH = Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo LX = Swiss OS = Austrian Airlines WK = Edelweiss Air * New ICAO Chapter 4 limit, which has been effective for new aircraft since 2006: –10EPNdB when compared to Chapter 3. A330-300 LH A330-300 LX/WK A330-200 WK A340-300 LH A340-300 LX A340-600 LH A380-800 LH B747-400 LH B747-830 LH B767-300 OS B777-200 OS B777F LH MD-11F LH A319-100 LH A319-100 LX A319-100 OS A319-100 4U A320-200 LH A320-200 LX A320-200 WK A320-200 OS A320-200 4U A321-100 LH A321-100 LX A321-100 OS A321-200 LH A321-200 LX A321-200 OS B737-300 LH B737-500 LH AVRO RJ-100 LX CRJ-700 CL CRJ-900 CL CRJ-900 EW DHC8-400 OS ERJ-190 CL ERJ-195 CL ERJ-195 EN Fokker F-70 OS Fokker F-100 OS –18.4 –18.4 –14.5 –22.6 –22.1 –23.0 –26.7 –13.1/–13.6 –25.6 –16.6/–16.8 –20.9/–21.1 –17.0 –13.4/–13.5 –15.3/–19.3 –18.2 –19.3 –16.6/–19.4 –13.4/–15.9 –13.7/–15.9 –13.7/–14.1 –15.0/–15.9 –13.4 –15.5 –10.0/–10.8 –11.5 –14.1/–14.7 –14.4 –9.0 –13.8 –14.3 –16.4 –16.3 –16.6 –16.6 –23.9/–25.9 –15.1 –14.9 –14.9 –24.3/–25.9 –16.2 Most stringent noise standards for the Lufthansa Group’s fleet 0