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Balance 2015 ENG

“After safety it is future viability that has the highest priority for us.” Carsten Spohr Dear Readers, During the production phase of this Sustainability Report, the tragic accident involving one of our Germanwings aircraft occurred on March 24, 2015. We immediately did everything in our power to assist the family members of the accident victims quickly and unbureaucrati- cally at that terrible time. And we continue to do so today. The suffering caused by this trag- edy is immeasurable. For us, March 24 marked a break in the history of our Company. Even though we are now looking ahead again, it will still take a long time for us to work through the shock caused by the worst accident since the foundation of the new Lufthansa. In the aviation industry, we have always learned from accidents and have taken measures to make flying even safer. This is what we have done in this situation as well. Safety remains our highest priority. We will continue to strengthen our leading position in air safety by further developing our safety structures, even if Group-wide we currently score significantly above the legally required standards. After safety it is future viability that has the highest priority for us. In the reporting year 2014, we defined seven central action fields by means of our strategic program “7to1 – Our way forward” and thus created the basis for a sustainable improvement of results and a success- ful evolution of the Lufthansa Group. For us, entrepreneurial responsibility means not only cultural and social commitment, but above all future-oriented action. With this program, we also set the course for an even more climate-compatible form of air transport. And this is paying off. Last year, our passenger airlines needed only 3.84 liters of kerosene on average to carry one passenger over a distance of 100 kilometers – a new efficiency record! We continuously invest in environmentally friendly technologies and currently have 272 quiet and highly efficient aircraft on order (as of December 31, 2014). In early 2015, we received the “Eco-Airline of the Year” award for the second time for our role as a front-runner in the area of climate protection. Environmental and climate protection are a central part of our entrepreneurial responsibility. With our membership in the UN Global Compact, we pledge ourselves further to the prin- ciple of sustainable entrepreneurial leadership that aims at enabling people to achieve a shared performance and to react to changes by means of shared values, goals and struc- tures as well as training and continuing education. In this context, we have also evolved our personnel strategy. Through new instruments and processes, we wish to ensure that we will have the very finest employees on board in future as well. And in the area of corporate citi- zenship, to address a remaining important area, we will focus much more strongly than before on social issues. You will find more in-depth information about these and other subjects in this issue of Balance. The special section “Innovation Management” leads this year’s report. It gives you a well-founded overview of one of our most important action fields, which is closely associ- ated with our commitment to applying sustainable principles. I wish you a sustainably captivating read. Carsten Spohr Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO Deutsche Lufthansa AG Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2015 // Lufthansa Group // 3