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Balance 2015 ENG - Thinking the future, meeting new challenges, living out responsibility

72 // Social Responsibility Seizing the opportunities of change: Thinking the future, meeting new challenges, living out responsibility The Lufthansa Group is determined to seize the opportunities produced by change in order to strengthen its competitive position and secure its future viability. To achieve this goal, the aviation company is counting inter alia on a personnel strategy that tack- les current and future challenges in a cou- rageous and consistent manner. The Group launched initiatives as far back as 2012 to develop its corporate and management cultures in a targeted manner across all business segments. This includes the project “Cultural Transition and Leadership”, which combined all approaches, resources and measures concerning change manage- ment, transformation support and leader- ship development. In 2013, Lufthansa reformulated its personnel strategy, which has served as the basis for all HR initiatives launched since. “Culture and Leader- ship” – A Group-wide strategic action area On July 9, 2014, the Executive Board named “Culture and Leadership” as one of seven fields of action within the strategic Group program “7to1 – Our way forward” (see page 18). This new dimension was added in turn to the strategic program “Forward with HR”. The focus on “Culture and Leadership” reflects the conviction that a modern, feedback-oriented leadership culture is essential in order to give timely responses to external factors of influence and to be perceived as an attractive em- ployer in future as well. It likewise lays the foundation for motivated, entrepreneurially- minded employees who are able to ques- tion familiar processes and to modify them in the Company’s interest in a future-proof The world is spinning faster and faster: Megatrends such as technological change, the digitalization of all areas of life and the constant increase in complexity are leaving their mark on all levels of society. The same is true of developments such as demographic change, growing globalization or the new demands being placed on the working world, to name but a few. Individually and collectively, they change the way in which companies do business and how employees work and communicate. HR Campaign Days at the Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt Airport: On October 14-15, 2014, internal and external experts briefed managers and employ- ees at numerous information stands about career planning, reorientation and current trends in the working world.