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Balance 2015 ENG

Information concerning the approach sequence for the cockpit crew. Jörg-Stefan Fritz, Team Manager Fuel Efficiency Lufthansa German Airlines, and Jens Ritter (right), Director Operations Efficiency & Strategy, with flight attendants at the “Fly Greener” information stand at Lufthansa in Frankfurt. ful cooperation, to increasingly use CDO in regular operations and to expand this approach procedure to additional airports. At the same time, Lufthansa works contin- uously on further reducing the weight of its aircraft. One of these measures was to adapt the number of magazines offered on board closer to actual demand in the conti- nental fleet’s Business Class cabins. From February 2015, the compactors for plastic waste aboard the Lufthansa Airbus A380s started being removed and replaced with two significantly more lightweight waste trolleys. Another measure: By the end of 2015 the Company will replace the carpets fitted in aircraft cabins with a more light- weight and more robust type. Additionally, the Group-wide initiative “Fly Greener” is working for a reduction of waste volumes aboard, not only to conserve resources, but also to further reduce weight (see page 53, Energy and resource management). Swiss In fall 2014, Swiss put a new flight planning software into operation. In the “Godwit” project the participating experts develop new planning options and strategies on the basis of current technologies, which is expected to lower fuel consumption by up to 13,000 tonnes per year from 2017. For example, the new software allows the more efficient use of runways and more flexible flight routings, among other features. It also helps pilots to react even better to chang- ing weather conditions in flight. Moreover, with Strategic and Tactical Flight Steering, Swiss developed a procedure that guides the morning arrivals of long-haul flights at Zurich Airport with down-to-the- minute precision. During a flight’s planning phase an arrival time is assigned to the pilots, to which they have to adhere exactly to avoid holding patterns. Operations con- trol monitors the arrival time on the basis of Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2015 // Lufthansa Group // 47