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Balance 2015 ENG - “The environment always flies with us.” – Interview with Carsten Spohr,

“The environment always flies with us.” Interview with Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO Deutsche Lufthansa AG history of our Group. Every day we test anew what we could do better, such as reducing aircraft weight. In our initiative “Fly Greener” we’re investigating how we might avoid even more waste on board. We’ve developed lightweight freight con- tainers, onboard trolleys and a wireless entertainment system. All of this saves weight, conserves kerosene and reduces CO2 emissions. We get better every year. Our new long-haul aircraft, the A350-900s and Boeing 777-9Xs to be delivered to us in the years ahead, will consume less than three liters per 100 passenger kilometers. And a lot has changed at Lufthansa Cargo as well: Our freight airline now flies five new Boeing 777Fs. These freighters are especially efficient and quiet. This gives our customers yet another reason to rely on the services of Lufthansa Cargo. And for people living near airports that is a perceptible, or better an audible relief. Are there also environmental measures taken on the ground? Indeed there are. At our largest hub in Frankfurt we’ve launched together with partners a number of projects in the elec- tromobile handling of aircraft. We currently have three “TaxiBots” in operation. With these hybrid aircraft tugs, our pilots can tow their aircraft all the way to the runway with Mr. Spohr, a year ago you presented the strategic program “7to1 – Our way forward”. In which of these action fields is the topic of sustainability to be found? Sustainability is actually present in all seven action fields. Here’s an example: Over the next five years we will invest 500 million euros across the Group in innovations. As a result, we will be making flying even more efficient, more environmentally compatible and more attractive. Innovations also help us break into new markets. I’m thinking here for example of Lufthansa Technik’s new procedures for efficient engine washes or the research projects in which the air- craft surfaces with structures modeled on sharkskin were developed. Or think of the dynamic developments in the area of digitalization. These are open- ing up entirely new opportunities for com- municating with our customers. In future, we would like to enthuse our passengers with a broad spectrum of digital services along the entire service chain and offer them a perfect travel experience. It was from this point of view that we founded our Berlin-based “Innovation Hub” in Septem- ber 2014. When it comes to developing new ideas, we’re counting on close links with the global start-up scene so strongly present there. It is especially important for me to take advantage of the innovation potential of the entire Group. This is why we created a number of new internal formats last year, including the Innovator Award. Ninety-two pioneering projects from eleven countries were presented to the jury last year. It was quite impressive to see what our employees produced! What role do climate and the environ- ment play in the daily business of an airline? At Lufthansa, the environment always flies with us. So far, our employees have devel- oped over 1,300 ideas and projects for boosting fuel efficiency. Our specialists in the areas of aerodynamics, flight opera- tions and network planning are all on a highly innovative path here. The figures demonstrate this as well. We established another round of record lows in fuel con- sumption last year. Our passenger fleets now only need 3.84 liters of kerosene per passenger and 100 kilometers on average. In other words, we were able to reduce the specific kerosene consumption by another 1.6 percent compared with the year before. And we are continuing our investments in fuel efficiency – more intensively than ever. At the moment, we’re carrying out the largest fleet modernization program in the  20 // Sustainable Business Practice