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Balance 2015 ENG

05 / Fostering talent is the key! All leaders within the Lufthansa Group have to take responsibility for their employees’ talents and focus on their further development to add value to the business. 06 / Turn the spotlight on leading people! Monitoring performance and managing both positive and negative consequences are a part of every leader’s agenda. HR equips managers with the appropriate tools and processes. 07 / Share and benefit! All employees think and act as a part of the Lufthansa Group, personal development takes place across company borders. This makes the whole greater than just the sum of its parts. 08 / Welcome diversity! A multitude of perspectives enhances the competitiveness of the business. And sometimes it‘s not the familiar way that leads to the best results. 09 / Employer of choice! All Talent Management activities aim to become the employer of choice both for our current and for our future employees – in all markets we operate in.