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Balance 2015 ENG

Employees Since summer 2014, internal communica- tions at the Lufthansa Group have featured a new core element: the news app. By introducing this new application, the aviation company stays abreast of the trend driving more and more people to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs to access information. Thanks to this innovation, employees are now able to stay informed anywhere and at any time. Many employees in operative areas draw a special benefit from this change, as previously they were unable to access the intranet and company news at certain times. Investors Continuous dialogue is a crucial prerequi- site for the shareholders’ trust in the Com- pany. Therefore, in 2014 the Lufthansa Group again informed institutional share- holders promptly, extensively and factually by means of quarterly conference calls, 26 road shows, 13 investor conferences and six special forums organized for private investors. Detailed information is also provided by annual and interim reports, the monthly “Investor Info”, the annual “Creditor Info” for creditors and bond- holders, as well as the “Shareholder Info” published twice a year especially for pri- vate shareholders. The Group makes all publications, financial reports, presenta- tions, background information, speeches, news updates and a financial calendar available at investor-relations (see page 17, Annual Report 2014). In 2014, the Lufthansa Group also launched “Speaking openly ...”, a new internal dia- logue series in which the Company’s chief executive responds in person to questions from employees during a live videocast on the intranet. Before the transmission, employees may address their questions directly to CEO Carsten Spohr via eTeam- ing, the Group-wide platform for communi- cation and cooperation. He then answers the questions with the highest number of “Likes”. Other formats such as “Dialogue Cockpit”, town meetings and live chats with members of the Executive Board comple- ment the aviation company’s internal com- munications offer. “Speaking openly ...” is the Lufthansa Group’s new internal dialogue format. The Lufthansa Group’s “news app” now allows employees to get up to date anywhere and at any time.  24 // Sustainable Business Practice