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Balance 2015 ENG - Offsetting carbon emissions

The aviation company’s involvement in the voluntary offsetting of CO2 emissions is firmly anchored in the Group’s Environmen- tal Strategy 2020 and part of the aviation industry’s four-pillar strategy for climate protection (see page 42). An emissions calculator is available on the Internet por- tals of all Lufthansa Group airlines. Passen- gers can use this calculator to determine the individual CO2 emissions caused by their journey and offset that amount accord- ingly. Calculations are made on the basis of actual flights and take into consideration a range of diverse parameters (see page 79, Balance 2014). The offer to fly in a climate-neutral way attracted the interest of the Lufthansa Group’s customers in 2014 as well. In total, passengers compensated emissions of over 16,000 tonnes of CO2 (2013: over 14,000 tonnes), which corresponds to 54 flights from Frankfurt to New York with a Lufthansa Airbus A380. Offsetting carbon emissions Investing billions of euros in the world’s most modern aircraft as well as developing and introducing innovative technologies and processes are important levers for the Lufthansa Group to conserve kerosene and limit emissions. Yet as long as aviation depends on fossil fuels such as kerosene, CO2 emissions cannot be avoided altogether. Therefore, the Group companies Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines as well as the Lufthansa subsidiary AirPlus offer their customers programs for voluntary CO2 compensation. Using compensation payments from Swiss passengers, myclimate supports this project in Kakamega, Kenya. Local materials such as clay are used for the production of efficient stoves. Later, indigenous trees are planted where the clay was dug out of the ground. 68 // Product Responsibility