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Balance 2015 ENG

An attractive employer For many years, the Lufthansa Group has been among Germany’s most popular employers. This is not least evidenced by the 130,000 applications the Company received during the reporting year. With about 6,000 visits a day, the career portal serves as an initial contact point, providing comprehen- sive information about the numerous pro- fessional options available. The same goes for the Be Lufthansa career blog and the world’s largest aviation group’s Face- book page. Right from the start, the Lufthansa Group has offered a broad spectrum of training and continuing education options. In 2014, the Group smoothed the way towards a professional career for more than 370 apprentices in 40 occupations requiring formal training. During the reporting year, high-school leavers and university graduates could choose from 61 different entry-level options, including study and training programs. A total of 1,350 junior employees at the Lufthansa Group pursued an apprenticeship or uni- versity studies in 2014. For the training year 2016, the Company is again on the lookout for 230 young people. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2015 // Lufthansa Group // 87 The Lufthansa career portal was honored as “best career website” in Germany by research institute Trendence. Employer rankings 2014 Regular top positions in all relevant employer rankings underscore impressively that investments in employee development and continuous education pay off. In 2014, the aviation group managed to achieve even better scores than for the preceding year: For example, business students chose the Lufthansa Group as Germany’s fourth most attractive employer in the trendence Graduate Barometer 2014. And in the trendence European Graduate Barometer, Europe’s largest survey of graduates with more than 300,000 respondents, the Company ranked among the top 20 business employers. Moreover, Swiss made it into the ranks of Switzerland’s ten most attractive employers on a regional level in the Universum Study 2014.