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Balance 2015 ENG

Work and private lives in healthy balance The Lufthansa Group supports its employ- ees with a range of measures in finding a healthy balance between professional and private lives over the different phases of life. When the balance between work and family can be achieved, both the employees and the Company benefit. A wide selection of work models and working time formats have supported employees for many years in organizing family life. These are comple- mented by offers for childcare, such as places in daycare centers or support from pme Familienservice GmbH in the event of care emergencies or during vacation time (see page 89, Balance 2014). Employees with family members who are ill or in need of care find specific support options through the pme Familienservice, with Same pay for same performance Equal opportunities are enjoyed by Lufthansa employees in the area of remuneration. For example, collective labor agreements in areas with binding collective pay agree- ment have guaranteed since the 1970s that men and women receive the same salary for the same work. Only in areas outside of collective agreements are salaries negoti- ated individually. However, the Lufthansa Group strictly observes that only experi- ence, task relevancy and the measure of responsibility for employees, and budget are the differentiation parameters. To ensure that other criteria do not play a role in determining the level of remuneration, the aviation company also had its proce- dures audited by independent experts in 2013, who confirmed this as being so. which the Lufthansa Group has cooperated for many years. Counseling and place- ment of nursing staff are free of charge for employees. Presentations on topics such as care, powers of attorney or support obligations complement the service provider’s offer. Extension of vacation care In the reporting year, the Lufthansa Group again offered the internal summer vacation childcare program “Luftikusse – Kinder erobern die Lufthansa Welt” (Children discover Lufthansa’s world). During each week of school vacation it offers 30 places in Frankfurt for Lufthansa employees’ chil- dren aged between six and twelve years to explore together the world’s largest aviation group. Given its enormous success, the full-day vacation program will take place in summer 2015 in Frankfurt for the third time. Thanks to the program’s expansion to Munich, employees’ offspring can now also go on a journey of exploration at the Munich hub. In addition, in fall 2014 children of Lufthansa employees had the opportunity to join a Company vacation program for the first time during the school fall vacation. The summer vacation childcare program “Luftikusse” offers employees’ children thrilling insights into the fascinating world of the Lufthansa Group. 78 // Social Responsibility