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Balance 2015 ENG

06 Saving printing and paper: The electronic baggage receipt Since October 2014, Lufthansa has offered its cus- tomers electronic baggage receipts, a move that has advantages for both sides. The airline saves printing and paper costs, while passengers benefit from greater convenience when checking in baggage. Thus, electronic baggage receipts give quick access to additional ser- vices, such as baggage tracking and information in the event of delayed delivery. 05 Faster than everybody else: The WLAN access from Lufthansa Technik Lufthansa Technik has developed the fastest WLAN access in civil aviation. It takes full advantage of the performance of latest-generation computers, tablets and smartphones. Additionally, integrated antennas reduce cabling and thus installation work. The first of Lufthansa’s Airbus A321s have already been equipped with this access, so that customers on short- and medium-haul routes can use their own mobile devices to watch movies, for example. At the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014, Lufthansa Technik received the Crystal Cabin Award as well as a Lufthansa Group Innovator Award for this WLAN access. 04 Lightweight and wireless: The in-flight entertainment Lufthansa is equipping its long-haul fleet with the new in-flight entertainment system RAVE. Depending on the type of aircraft, the airline saves 30 to 40 percent of weight when compared with previous on-board enter- tainment systems. This reduces kerosene consumption and CO2 emissions correspondingly. Additionally, a wireless in-flight entertainment system will initially be installed on 20 selected medium-haul aircraft, making entertainment contents available on the passengers’ own devices by means of WLAN streaming. This system is based on Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect entertain- ment product, which received the Crystal Cabin Award, and for which Lufthansa Technik specifically developed and certified parts. “Quality, efficiency and innovation are the prerequisites for our future success. We want to be pacesetters among the competition rather than follow others. To achieve this, the Lufthansa Group needs to identify trends earlier than the competition.” Alexander Schlaubitz Vice President Marketing Deutsche Lufthansa AG Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2015 // Lufthansa Group // 15