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Balance 2015 ENG

tal standard ISO 14001. Lufthansa CityLine was the first airline worldwide to be certified according to both environmental standards. Austrian Airlines has successfully partici- pated in the project ÖkoBusinessPlan Wien since 2006 and thus already fulfills certain aspects of an environmental management system, which is expected to be implemented in 2016. LSG Sky Chefs operates a highly struc- tured and comprehensive environmental management system, which is guided by the ISO 14001 standard and the leading such system in the catering industry. Among the central elements are a binding environmental policy, goals set by region, environmental managers, a database for best-practice examples and an annual environmental report. Since July 2014, LZ-Catering has offered at least one CO2-friendly main course every day in a majority of its company restau- rants. These are either vegetarian, poultry or fish dishes. By contrast, red meat does not belong in a climate-friendly meal due to its high environmental impact. During the reporting year, Lufthansa Cargo included its subsidiary Jettainer in the certification process for the first time. LSG Sky Chefs operates a highly structured environmental management system. Organization of climate and environmental management The department Group Environmental Issues assumes the leading role in coordi- nating the Company-wide goals, strategies and measures in the area of climate and environmental responsibility. Additionally, all larger subsidiaries have environmental departments and commissioners or coordi- nators. These experts meet twice a year at the Environmental Forum to discuss current topics and new ideas. An overview of the Group companies’ environmental management systems: In 1996, Lufthansa Technik became the first Group company to be certified ac- cording to the international environmental standard ISO 14001. Today, the company also operates an integrated management system, which was recertified in 2014 in accordance with the quality standards EN 9100 and 9110 as well as ISO 14001 and the international standard for job safety and health protection OHSAS 18001. All company locations worldwide will be certified by the end of 2015 (see page 47, Balance 2014). Lufthansa Cargo has operated a certified environmental management system since 2008 in accordance with ISO 14001. All locations in Germany were recertified during the reporting year. For the first time, a subsidiary company – Jettainer, the spe- cialist for stowage equipment management – was successfully included in this certifica- tion. This system is set to be expanded to locations in Europe, America and Asia in 2015 to achieve worldwide certification. Lufthansa German Airlines is expected to begin the introduction of an environmen- tal management system in 2015. The subsidiary’s Board of Management made this decision at the end of 2014. Addition- ally, the Group-wide initiative “Fly Greener” was launched, which aims at reducing the quantities of waste materials on board and avoiding waste whenever possible (see page 50, Energy and resource manage- ment). Lufthansa CityLine was recertified anew in May 2015 for its company-wide environ- mental management system. The airline received the certificates of the European Environmental Management and Audit Scheme EMAS for the 15th year in a row. Additionally, the company was recertified according to the international environmen- 38 // Climate and Environmental Responsibility