Boeing 777F

Boeing 777F
Length63.70 m
Wingspan64.80 m
Height18.60 m
Cruising Speed900 km/h
Max. altitude13,100 m
Max. takeoff weight347,800 kg
Max. landing weight260,800 kg
Range9,054 km
Max. payload103,000 kg
Load capacity653 m³

Airbus A321P2F

Airbus A321P2F
Length44.51 m
Wingspan35,80 m
Height11.76 m
Cruising Speed840 km/h
Max. altitude12,100 m
Max. takeoff weight89,000 kg
Max. landing weight77,800 kg
Max. Range3,518 km
Max. payload28,000 kg

As of 31 Mai 2024
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