Flexible working time models have been an important element for many years in responding also as good as possible to private needs of employees. These not only allow for a better harmony between working and family life, they also increase employees’ motivation and health.

The Lufthansa Group has supported its employees to work flexibly for many years, both in terms of when and where they work. When personal interactions, including those at work, had to be reduced to a minimum as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, this was achieved very rapidly thanks to the existing framework for working from home and the widespread coverage of mobile computing devices.

Job adverts, also for management positions, offer the opportunity of part-time work and shared leadership. This means that someone has the opportunity to share a position with another manager who also works part time. In addition, managers and non-payscale employees can take sabbaticals.

The Lufthansa Group uses a broad portfolio of activities to make it easier for employees to combine work and family and to care for loved ones. In Germany, this includes help in finding caregivers, a wide range of ad hoc and regular daycare places for children in various locations, and the use of parent-and-child offices if a need arises. There are also many opportunities to get advice on the subject of caring for loved ones, such as the nursing care consultations.