Occupational safety and health protection are central action areas for the Lufthansa Group. Their development is jointly managed by the functions Medical Services & Health Management (including psychosocial counseling) and the Group Occupational Safety. To promote employee health, the areas involved have implemented various measures through which the Lufthansa Group not only fulfills its duty of care, but also helps to ensure business activities as well as reliable flight operations.

Employee health is a high priority 

The core responsibility of Medical Services & Health Management is to maintain and improve the health and working capacity of the Lufthansa Group’s employees.

The Medical Services at Lufthansa Group are holistic centres of excellence. They offer the full range of services for aviation and occupational medicine, vaccinations and travel medicine, outpatient care, a comprehensive social and medical advisory service and other preventive and healthcare treatments. The range of medical offers is supplemented by the optimization of socio-medical counselling for occupational reintegration management processes. For many years, the Lufthansa Group has also offered its employees various confidential, individual services in the area of psychosocial counseling. The Lufthansa Group's health management aims to shape framework conditions in a way that promotes health and to support and encourage employees and managers to adopt healthy lifestyles. Health officers in the individual Group companies identify needs specific to target groups and implement health promotion offers.

Preventive measures taken to enable occupational health and safety

The Occupational Safety function consistently implements preventive measures to avoid accidents, health risks and occupational illnesses. By means of risk assessments and   regular safety inspections, the Group’s occupational safety experts review all professional activities in the Group companies in Germany. The underlying standards are binding for all Lufthansa Group locations worldwide. At regular intervals, employees and managers are trained with regard to health and safety prevention and urged to apply existing protection procedures.

Numerous measures for prevention of coronavirus infections

In connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the departments Medical Services and Occupational Safety together with specific departments drew up preventive and hygiene strategies for various areas of the Group. Since spring 2020, these are continuously updated to reflect the latest risks and scientific evidence. They include specific protective measures for the different areas, which are followed by managers and staff.