Ensuring safe and health-oriented working conditions is anchored in the Group’s Mission Statement.

Health and safety are integrated into the company’s organization. Lufthansa has its own Medical Service whose work concentrates on industrial medicine and aviation medicine. Employee representatives are involved in all important decisions affecting Health and safety and health issues.

Hazard evaluations are used to assess all job-related activities and situations on a regular basis. Identified risks are evaluated. Medical checkups of the staff ensure the impact of protective measurement to reduce or avoid risks.

Technical equipment, installations in buildings and at work stations are kept up-to-date technologically. Safety experts and physicians specialized in industrial medicine are consulted when significant changes are imminent or new work processes are to be introduced.

All Group companies have drawn up emergency procedure plans; they carry out regular drills to uncover possible weaknesses in these plans. Safety commissioners and employees trained in first aid are present in all work areas in order to support.

At regular intervals, employees are trained with regard to Health and safety prevention and are also urged to apply existing protection procedures. The employees’ sense of responsibility for protecting their health is also strengthened by recommendations the company makes for ergonomically sensible work habits and health-oriented lifestyles. In work areas with particular health burdens, the company offers programs to increase healthine.

Reintegration and prevention

Measures promoting our employees’ health do not primarily focus on curing the workability immediately .They also serve the long-term preservation of our staff’s health by means of preventative and supportive measures. Reintegration measures for employees with recurrent or longer illnesses have been available at Lufthansa for a long time, even before the introduction of legally binding reintegration management in Germany. The company’s social and medical services support employees and their supervisors to ensure their workability.